Monday, August 9, 2010

Hello Stranger! ^_^

Like OMG! Atu batah!
The only reason I've managed to post this now is when Dena and Effy were like 'Bah bila update blog?' or 'Bah update blog mu! Aku kan jua tapi malas!' LOL. Indeed, its been a long time hasnt it? Funny enough, I was checking out other blogs I once used to visit and almost.. almost all of the blogs last entries were around mid year in 2009. I guess that was when Facebook was starting to get all popular.

Ok.. I wasnt into that whole FaceBook Poking thing. Thank God.

Now, Fb is mostly a place of status war. Between friends. Between families. Heck. Even between parents and their kids! It getting abit to negative for me but I have to say, Facebook do keep everyone connected.

Clever one dude.

Blogging, on the other hands allows you to express more. Wouldnt you agree? It may about be a bad day at work. A good day with the family. Or a B*tch fight with someone else. Yes. I am still the same (i wouldnt say old) but beautiful vulgar Pat. I am still working on my filthy mouth. Give it time! lol.

Looking at this, I have come to realise I must revamp my blog (like DUH Pat).
I need more colour! I need change!
On a different note, as you all know. Puasa is nearing and I would like to also now wish everyone a Happy Fasting Month. I'll come back to blogging soon enough.
We'll start slow yes? ... Yes ^_^
Until next time,

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

I'm back!!!! Its not too late! ^_^

Welll, helllewwwwwwwww.. Long time no see ya?

It been a busy year.. both happy and frustrating. But how’s everyone doing? Any updates to share? Everyone seems to be using their Facebook more often but as time passes, I kinda missed blogging. It feels with blogging, you're able to express yourself more...with or wihtout pictures. Its high time to continue!
I have just finished my exams but I have not finished going through my college assignments. At the same time I have work assignments which we are going against time to get it out as according to the time plan. It’s hectic and I must admit I am lost. I only pray someone would come in and save us towards success. Until that time comes, everyone of us will have to fight hard against the strong mean currents splashing in our way. It’s hard..Its tiring but insyallah, Allah will constantly give us strength and guide us.
Just a bit of pictures to share .. I have below pictures taken with friends I've made when Myself and Aziz were involved in the GID migration Project in BSP. We've gotten close and have been going out on yearly Ramahdan gatherings and I am looking forward for more in the future. It's nice to meet up with them once in a while. The last time I saw Roza, she was 5 months preggie. I think she's given birth by now. (child number 3) ^_^

Urghhh.. I dun like my hair here! wait..wait... I dun like my hair now either!

Lawa (awuu..aku prasaan) People..we make a good team..

(Now you know what I mean right by prasaan?)

The whole gang..I love these people..

Owh I too have pictures to share of Christmas dinner in which I took my family out for at Ligong, Empire. That was fantastic night. The snow show ( abit disappointing when the ‘snow’ were in fact actually bubbles) did excite the kids abit. And owh, my boys have turned 1 and 3 this years. Allah bless them as they have made our lives so much happier. I couldn’t ask for more.And yes, I am still studying part time. I’ve completed my 2nd year and next year shall be my last.
I hope 2010 brings us more success and happiness. I’m sure its going to be a whole new ride of adventures and dramas.
I say bring it on 2010!!.. And yes, I will make all efforts to continue blogging despite the fact that I’m always busy. Who isnt these days? This writing stuff one of the few activities keeping me sane. I’ve encourage for Effy to continue her blog as well. Oh, yeah.. She’s off to continue her Degree in OZ next year!!! What fun! Definitely going to visit her there and my 2nd trip after that, with God’s will, to attend her actual graduation. I am looking forward to her success definitely. All of our success as well ;o)
Two more days to go before the new year starts! I shall be posting pic highligthing exciting events we had with families and friends soon.
Until next time… PattyLicious signs off

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Pattylicious Donated Blood.. for the first time!

Hei! Another quick update on my very busy month!
The office had a Blood Donation drive and I had to join it! I always wanted to do one ever since I knew donating blood was also a good way to detoxify your body!
It was my first time and boy was I nervous! But after the whole process, I didn't really passed out so I think I did pretty well for a first-timer.
Enjoy the pics! Can’t write much as work and school calls for me!

I was nervous as you can tell.. sakit lah!

but as you know, PattyLicious always have the time to pose for a good shot ;p

Haji lani ( one of the big bosses ) posing - konon macam Good Samatarian helping out lah. He's hilarious! haha

until next time,

Thursday, July 30, 2009

UFO? Flying Black Magic Eggs? Army shoting Flares? Hmmmm...

O my...

What a busy month! Work piling up! Project scope growing bigger, working on weekends, the stress is so unbelievable! This is the moment where I feel I'm actually drowning in work. If anyone has tips on time-management, you're most welcome to share it with me because I'm struggling.

But a bit of distraction.. Has anyone read the papers about those UFO Sigthings in Lumut? Interesting eh? Several arguements suggested that it could have been flares shot by the army (with the Lumut Battalion close by) but surely how could flares stay up that long and move about in air when the only logic explaination is that anything that goes up will come down eventually ( gravity hello? )... and not disappear in thin air? Some even argued it was Doreamon in action lah.. Dragonball lah... Aliens salah landing lah which I have to say, the comments in YouTube really cracked me up! hahahha

My theory - Perhaps its black magic in the process. Ngam tia kedapatan oleh anak ani with his mobile phone. You know those myth about flying eggs send by people to perform their evil deeds kind of thing? I think I back that one up. (doesn't mean I'm right) I mean Black magic do exist and this kid just happen to video it.

All things come from Allah and only he knows what those lights actually are. As for us and the rest of the world, we can only imagine and speculate. (but its exciting isnt it?)

Owh and guess what... its on Youtube! Enjoy!

p/s-Interesting that this had to happened when the movie 'District 9' is coming on this 13th! lol!


Wednesday, July 22, 2009

On Hiatus!

I know! I owe you updates but things have been very busy lately and its getting busier! I'm trying my best to balance everything!
Will update once I've got rid of my main priorities!
Until then,

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

First mini outing with the family.... with my new toy!

Weeeeeee! This new toy is so much fun!

We had to learn how to use the camera and tadaaaa, below are some of our first works. I say 'some' because these pictures were taken by both my husband and I. We're new in this so take it easy on the critics ya? Enjoy!

I took this pic! *bangga*

and this too! heheheh

Me and one of our neighbour's kid. Poor boy had only his boxes on!

I know.. I'm such a camwhore for a mum.

note to remember - pls powder face. Damn oily after 4 o'clock.

I love this!

And thats about it for now. SO how did i do? *blush*
My 2nd assignment was taking pictures of the band rehearsing just few ahours ago. It was for the launching of the new Volkswagen Gulf ( and it's one cool car!) at Maju Motors. I hope I did well with the pics. Will post that soon either in facebook or here. Which reminds me, I have to get started on the Studio's new blog!.
Until next time,

Monday, July 6, 2009

Dream.. Dream...Dreeeeeeam...


Looks like a good mate of mine will be heading out to the world to pursue her degree! (Congrats GroudBeef!) I'm so excited for her! Another world of a learning adventure. A whole new environment. Wow. I dream of having that opportunity one day...(Amin!)

Having said that, I sat down with my hubby on a early saturday morning, sipping my ice-blended Mocha at the BSP headquarter telling him of the good news. I told him of my dreams to pursue one in the future. I'll wait until we're financially stable and the kids are grown up, where I'll explain to them and they would understand and support me. I told him that I hope the children will learn through me that God gives chances to those who wants it ( please ah.. if you want something better, you have to work hard for it. We all should know that. Money or luck doesnt just grow on trees ) anyone is never to old or have excuses to gain knowledge. Knowledge is everything! Even to learn Jawi and read the Quran is knowledge! I pray that one day I will master that. To remember and learn how to read every doa and Quran. ^_^ Amin amin amin.
Everytime I sit with Aziz and Rizal, hear them talk and discuss work at their level, I feel more inspired to do what they do and learn through their achievements. And boy, am I lucky to have such mentors! These boys are my tools of learning. I really appreciate having motivating and inspiring friends around. These people do wonders to you with their positive energy. I am blessed to meet these people. Alhamdullilah.

You out there. How did you do it?!?! I salute you for going that far! ( Please control hidung sikit ah ) hehehe..

However, to me its just a dream. I still strongly believe if it doesn't work out, its not meant to be for me... YET. I will just have to accept it with a pinch of salt and move on. I'm sure god has better plans for me. This doesnt mean that I have to give up on pursuing a degree. I just have to focus on something else first. Its God's way of telling me that I have other priorities to look into first :o)
Still no harm in dreaming right? ;)
until next time,